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A West Central MK-1 light Mikado-type locomotive heads up a mainline freight train near the bridge over the Green River near Little Falls.  These were United States Railroad Administration design engines and were used until the end of steam on the West Central in 1960.  The No. 2306 engine was preserved in a roundhouse and has been restored for excursions.  The model is a Powerhouse and was painted by Dennis Hamilton.


A West Central Mk-2 Heavy Mikado locomotive is being turned on the big turntable at the Ogden engine facilities.  The Mikados were used on the West Central main lines but weight restrictions kept them off almost all of the branch lines and some secondary lines.  The locomotive is by Rivarossi and painted by Dennis Hamilton.  The roundhouse was constructed by former member Jon Poff.  The turntable was constructed by Jim Hunter, Tom Hicks, the late Wally Schuster and the late Ralph Edwards.


A Shay trundles over a trestle on the Third Division the branchline.  This geared steam locomotive descends the grade on the wooden trestle over Redwood Gulch.  A variety of Shay, Heisler, Climax and Mallet logging locomotives have navigated the steep grades of the line to Summit.


A Santa Fe 2-10-2 is seen on the West Central as it passes through Summit. 


A West Central heavy Mikado crosses the Little Falls Bridge with its train sometime in the early 1950s. The  Broadway Limited (manufacturer) engine was painted by Dennis Hamilton.


Another shot of No. 2424 as it comes out of the tunnel near Port Arthur on the Second Division line from Plainview.


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