West Central Model Railroad News

The club lost another good member:
    Ross Scheppa passed away in July 2008 from complications of leukemia and its treatment.  Ross was very enthusiastic friend to all who knew him.  He started in the club at the young age of 12 and sometimes tried the patience of some of the older members, but his enthusiasm for the hobby was contagious.  He will always be remembered for listening for passing trains approaching the club and yelling "Hot Rails!!!" at the top of his voice, so anyone and everyone present could run outside and watch.  He will be surely missed for years to come.

Ross Scheppa


Club Project:
    The club has is conducting a fundraising project to earn money to help pay for a new roof on the building which will be needed very soon.  The club has worked with Accurail to custom decorate model 3700 kits in Milwaukee Road that are exclusive to West Central Model Railroad Club.  There are two styles of the 41-foot AAR gondola. The first is a 1920s war emergency scheme that is marked CMSt.P&P.  The second is a 1940s postwar scheme that has just the MILW reporting marks.  There are renumber kits so there are 12 numbers available in each style.  


Operations on the West Central Railroad:
    Members conduct formal operating sessions throughout the year, usually the third Saturday evening (6:30 p.m.) of the month.   Except in the heat of  June, July and August.  Engineers use switch lists and train-to-train dispatching for operations.  Most sessions are conducted in some particular era, year, and subsequently only use locomotives and rolling stock from those years. Visitors are welcome to observe.

Club got new roof in August 2013

The club contracted to have All American Do It Center to repair the club building roof with two coats of sealing compound, advertised to last 50 years.  Project was completed in August and at the cost of $6,000.  Club members did some of the prepatory cleaning of old sealing on the roof, that had been applied in 2009, and sealcoating of the concrete cap on three top edges of the  building.

City of Plainview Urban Renewal Project mostly complete

The city of Plainview Urban Renewal Project is mostly complete as of August 2013.  The project was initiated two years ago when some of the track nails on the mainline at the rear of the layout table moved up enough to derail trains, that happened several times.  The club subsequently totally relaid the mainline track from the tunnel diagonally to the railyard, thus repositioning the main street and all of the business buildings.  Several new buildings were added, including with interior details and interior lighting (Aztalan Grocery and the Ambassador Hotel) and animated electroflourescent  flashing signs (Parker Brothers Drug Store, Olson Hobby Shop, the hotel and the Majestic Theater).  The five stub tracks in the yard were made into six through sidings. A new depot and a new church were added to replace much smaller structures.  Lighted street lights were installed. A set of drop gates with flashing red lights signals, with warning bells, was added to the main street crossing.

New Milwaukee Yard and neighborhood mostly complete

A new 11-track stub yard was installed in August 2013 at the far corner of the layout, on the Second Division, with new yard office and engineering services structures.  The name "Milwaukee Yard" was applied,to at least somewhat reflect the name of the Wisconsin city and railroad of the same name.  A hotel, luxury apartment building with fine dining restaurant and three townhouses were "constructed" in the area adjacent to the Bridgeport Bridge that had lapsed into disrepair in recent years. The three huge grain storage facilities remain in the center of the Milwaukee neighborhood.

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