The latest diesel photos on the West Central


Zephyr by the Bluff

Twin Cities Zephyr passes near limestone outcroppings near the bluffs along the Mississippi River in Western Wisconsin sometime in the early 50s.  This Broadway Limited E7 by Dennis Hamilton


Zephyr out of Bridge

The Burlington Zephyr passes over the Central Valley bridge at Little Falls on the West Central route.



A CB&Q GP-9 hauls a tank train through Crawford on the West Central.  This locomotive owned by Tom Hicks.


Milwaukee Road SD-9

A Milwaukee Road SD-9 hauls its train past the limestone cut below Bridgeport on the West Central main line.  This Proto 2000 locomotive is owned by Jim Hunter whose father and father-in-law were both engineers on the Milwaukee Road.


Santa Fe doodlebug

A Santa Fe gas-electric (doodlebug) passes the area below the wooden trestle on the Summit branch line.  Doodlebugs provided valuable service on low-traffic routes since they had passenger and baggage areas on board and could pull a couple of freight cars.  This freed railroads from the expense of using a steam locomotive and crew for the 4 or 5 car train the Doodlebug replaced.  This Bachmann Spectrum owned by Henry Bangsberg.


CDX at Pine Haven

Does the West Central RR have any weird stuff?  You Bet!!!  This CD40 7 axle monster is from the Bangsberg Skunk Works.  The West Central acquired a DD40 that had been wrecked and decided to rebuild it for heavy freight service in the Mt. Post region.  The lead truck was scavenged from an Alco PA and allowed the engine to be shortened by 1' to increase tracking ability on curves without significantly reducing tractive effort.  The train is passing the town of Bridgeport.  (Notice the famous Aluminum Step Ladder Building, a landmark in the Bridgeport area.)


WP FT on trestle

A set of Western Pacific FT locomotives speed their freight accross a trestle over Redwood Gulch on the West Central.  These locomotives owned by Jason Dennison.


WP FTs on trestle

Another camera angle on the same trestle.


Zephyr passes tower

The Burlington Route Zephyr passes the switch tower at Gilbertson.  This Broadway Limited E7 is owned by Dennis Hamilton.


Zephyr at Portland

The CB&Q Zephyr pauses for a portrait on the double track near the Portland curve on the West Central.


Steam on the WC


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