More Diesels on the West Central


These diesels from other railroads have been seen on West Central tracks.

A set of CNW Alco FA-2s powers its freight through the Grand Crossing area of the West Central.  It looks like some new John Deere tractors from Waterloo, Iowa  are on the first flat.  CNW only had one set of these which had been Alco’s demonstrators and originally had the demonstrator paint job of green with yellow trim.  A rare sight indeed!  These models are Proto 2000s.


A pair of Union Pacific units waiting for a helper assignment on the grade from Redfield to Summit.  The UP and West Central share a lot of track.  These locos were modeled by the late Wally Schuster.


A trio of Santa Fe GP units rounds Portland curve on the upgrade to Summit.  This train is by Ron Jurgens.


The Santa Fe units in the mountain lake area on the West Central mainline.


The Santa Fe units rumble past the old station at Pine Haven.


Some Santa Fe GP units in zebra stripes during the 50s near the Power Machine Products plant.  This train is by Ron Jurgens.


A Burlington Zephyr, normally not seen west of Denver, takes the California Zephyr through on the West Central main line to reconnect at Salt Lake City.  Sometimes accidents or natural disasters forced them to divert from the Rio Grande tracks normally used.  Luckily, the West Central scenery is as nice as it gets.  This train and background painting by Dennis Hamilton.


Another shot of Dennis's Proto 2000 CB&Q E-8 units in the mountain district.


A rare shot at the tail end of the Zephyr.  Looks as if an early autumn snowfall dusted the Lodgepole Pines in this area.


The Zephyr rounds the curve downgrade into the foothills.  Scenery by Ron Jurgens and the late Ralph Edwards with background by Dennis Hamilton.


The Zephyr slows to a stop at the Pine Haven station.  (The saloon in the background is convenient for the passengers and crew.)


More Diesels on the WC
Steam on the WC

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