West Central Model Railroad Custom Car Project



  The West Central Model Railroad has embarked on a fundraising project to help replace the aging roof on its building and possibly help fund other major building maintenance and improvement projects.  This is the club's first attempt at selling custom decorated model kits and the success of this project will, hopefully, result in more custom decorated offerings from  club.

    Our first offering is a model 3700 kit from Accurail which is based on an AAR 41-foot steel gondola.  These gondolas were very common during the early part of the 20th century on every American railroad.  These kits arecustom decorated in two styles for the Milwaukee Road.  The No. 82078 is based on a war emergency hopper with CMStP&P lettering and has a 1923 build date with a 1956 reshop date for modern use.  There are renumber decals available for up to 12 82000 series cars.  The No. 93026 is a standard post war Milwaukee Road gondola with a 1946 build date.  There are renumber decals available for up to 12 93000 series cars.

    The cars are priced at $10 for each kit with shipping and handling extra.   Shipping and handling is $3 for the first kit plus $1 for each additional kit with a maximum charge of $13.  Renumber decals will be included for multiple kit purchases.   


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